List of Top 18 Budget Homestay in Gangtok

How often do you open the curtains and feel the sun rays kissing your cheeks, the mountain air soothing your senses? Have you been looking for a break from your hectic city life? Come and find your peace with us. So, here is the list of top 18 cheap homestay in Gangtok, exclusively for the wanderlust soul.

1. Pegs Homestay:

Pegs Homestay

Enjoy traditional Sikkimese hospitality here and leave with wonderful memories. Come and stay and enjoy a home away from home at Pegs homestay. It is one of the cheap homestays in Gangtok; conveniently located and is easily accessible by taxis from the MG Marg. Other tourist attractions like Banjhakri Falls Park and Tashi view point are also close by. The homestay itself has five new bedrooms with modern fittings and amenities.

2. Mustard Seed Farm-stay:

Mustard Seed Farm stay

The Mustard Seed Farm-stay is located at Sajong, Rumtek. The cozy hut is spacious with attached bathroom, kitchen, and fresh farm food for a rejuvenating experience. It is carefully chosen and planned to provide our valued patrons, a perfect getaway holiday. So, come and enjoy the atmosphere of tranquility and have a glimpse into the rustic world.

3. Malinggo Homestay:

Malinggo Homestay

Built in the midst of beautiful hills, away from the hustles of town is a small village, Malinggo homestay is one of the ideal places for peace seekers. The Homestay is surrounded by beautiful trees, flowers, hills, local residents and organic fields. Trekking, hiking, village walk and bird watching are some of the adventures that can be done here. Eat the local food and alcohol, enjoy the nature and live like a local when you’re staying with us.

4. Tara’s Urban Homestay:

Taras Urban Homestay

Tara’s Urban Homestay is one of the budget friendly homestays in Gangtok. It is an idle place for travelers intending to explore Gangtok and its nearby places. With its convenient and accessible location, tourists can opt to make a day’s trip to the famous Rumtek Monastery as well as Gangtok town. This beautiful homestay is located at Tadong and is owned by Mrs. Tara Chettri and her family.

5. Tamang House Homestay:

Tamang House Homestay

Experience the Best of Sikkim and Make the Most of Your Trip Without Constraining Your Budget. It is the perfect place for you if you are traveling to Gangtok, Sikkim India, for vacation, holiday, honeymoon, business or leisure. The place offers fully furnished rooms designed to provide the most comfortable stay at a great value. The Homestay is located in a peaceful residential area in Gangtok which is at a walking distance of 5 to 10 minutes from the main marketplace and provides breathtaking views of the Ranka hills.

6. Dhungay Homestay:

Dhungay Homestay

One of the budget friendly homestay located in a sub-tropical offbeat paradisiacal destination, Dhungay Homestay is one of the ideal destinations for the nature lovers. It is enclosed by a variety of fauna like wild porcupine, squirrel, deer, and monkey. On contrary, the fauna includes orchids, marigold, magnolia, walnut, oaks and fast growing species of timber Known for its wood, watershed protection, and soil improvement.

7. Hitaishi Homestay:

Hitaishi Homestay

Hitaishi Home Stay, situated at naturally carved out a village of Martam, in the mountainous region of Sikkim State; is one the cheap Homestay in Gangtok that aims at providing desired comfort, Luxury and relaxation to visitors and weary travelers who wish to come from far flung places of the World. It is conceived with an objective to provide visitors exclusively a homely atmosphere at high altitude and is far from the maddening crowd.

8. Borog-Polok Village Homestay:

Borog Polok Village Homestay

Step into a world of unique Himalayan cultures and festivities and experience the finest in Sikkimese hospitality at Borong-Polok Village Homestay. Situated on the beautiful landscapes of the mountain ranges, the village is an ideal location for visitors in search for an all-around authentic Sikkimese experience. It is imbued with a philosophy of providing Himalayan grace, warmth and personalized care at every turn.

9. Mayal-Lyang Homestay:

Mayal Lyang Homestay

Nestled amongst the trees is Mayal Lyang, a beautiful house for a homestay. Mayal Lyang means the ‘Hidden Land’ or ‘Land blessed by God’ in the Lepcha language. A small walk around the place will explain why we chose to call it so. Untouched by the tourist hustle bustle, this place has hidden treasures behind every other tree. Life here moves at its own pace. You tend to forget what it was back at your place.

10. Limboo Homestay:

Limboo Homestay

Limboo Homestay is one of the cheap Homestay in Gangtok that aims to provide you a second home with the essence of Sikkimese Culture and Hospitality. Discover the soul of your destination with the help and knowledge of your host family. A family where there is a host to welcome you and introduce you to the local culture. Explore and experience which gives value to your existence.

11. Darap Village Homestay:

Darap Village Homestay

Darap is a culturally diverse village with Limboo, Bhutia, Gurung and Rai residing next to each other. Gently sloped terraced fields with panoramic views of snow-capped mountains welcome you to the village. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance at the Budget friendly Homestay and anticipate the warm hospitality of Shiva Gurung’s family as they make you feel at home. Enjoy Mrs. Radha’s delicious food and play with their kids. For those who like to explore, there are some nice one-day treks from the village.

12. Dzongu-Lee Homestay:

Dzongu Lee Homestay

Simple yet comfortable, Dzongu Lee a homestay is located in a pristine area. It is suitable for those people who are looking for a cheap Homestay in Gangtok. Dzongu Lee provides travelers with proper services in terms of sanitation and other facilities. It has five double bedded rooms in a cottage style house which is very much accessible from the road. The balcony provides a fascinating view of the adjacent hills on the opposite side including that of meandering Teesta river which divides Dzongu from other parts of North Sikkim.

13. Lepcha Homestay:

Lepcha Homestay

This is the place, if you are looking for an unforgettable, stay and nature experience, offered by the most wonderful hosts of this beautiful home perfectly located in Dzongu, in the wonderland of Sikkim. Explore the astonishing stretch of wild nature combined with an amazing feel of calmness with a spectacular vista of cascading waterfalls down every hill making one want for more of this divine prayer!

14. Lingthem Lyang Homestay:

Lingthem Lyang Homestay

With the goals of providing Eco-friendly tours and sharing of their Lepcha culture the Lepcha family has been in Dzongu for countless generations. Although it is only a small and modest wooden house, it is beautiful and cozy with all the possible facilities to make your stay enjoyable and worthwhile. The Homestay showcases the fine features of traditional Lepcha architecture with 5 rooms, each furnished with 2 double beds. All the rooms are well laid with a comfortable living condition and a peaceful ambiance.

15. Chalamthang Homestay:


Chalamthang is a perfect place to spend a vacation that you speared out from your hectic city life. One of the most budget friendly Homestay in Gangtok, it is an ideal place for nature lovers, a paradisiacal abode, with infinite serenity and tranquility. Experience the rural village life of Sikkim & pamper your taste buds with traditional home cooked organic delicacies.

16. Bon Farmhouse:

Bon Farmhouse

Bon farmhouse welcomes you to Sikkim for back to nature experience of staying in a typical village farm ambiance where you can enjoy the comforts of a homely environment and all meals prepared from freshly grown organic vegetables from the nearby fields. The farmhouse has rich livestock inventory for providing fresh milk and eggs. It has lush green cardamom forest surrounding the Farmhouse making your stay relaxing and peaceful promising a nice breakaway from the din and bustle of daily life.

17. Temi Homestay:

Temi Homestay

Temi Homestay is an ideal hub for the nature lovers, its is abounding with lush green organic tea gardens and blossoming cherry. Nestled in the cozy lap of the idyllic Himalayan village, it offers an exhilarating view. It provides a homely environment for guests with all basic facilities like attached western bath and hot water. All rooms are spacious with great surrounding views. Home cooked mouthwatering dishes are served as per your requests.

18. Achulay Homestay:

Achulay Homestay

Stay with Lepcha Family. Enjoy the bird watching trials. Trek amid the lush green valley accompanied by the sacred and mind soothing hymn from the nearby monastery. Indulge yourself in the mind refreshing adventurous activities. Immerse yourself into the allure of nature and cultural entertainments of the world’s oldest tribes, the Lepchas.



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