17 Must including Things into the Holiday Packages for Sikkim Gangtok

Sikkim is a mountainous state that retains unique and distinctive features when it comes to explorations. The tranquil, meditative, traditional and ancient monasteries of the Tibetan Buddhism coexist with the Hindu shrines of the constant growing Nepalese clan. The gigantic sculptures of Buddha and Shiva have been erected that decorates the skyline. Hygienic, replete with fresh greens, and all organic since 2016, Sikkim is a warm hearted province. A holiday in Sikkim will easily make you fall in love with the hassle free domain. The extreme steep valleys and mountains engulfed with rich subtropical forests and rhododendron Woodlands will surely compel a wanderlust soul to book holiday packages for Sikkim. The breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga appears like a recently adorned crown with the dazzling pristine gems. It is when the clouds depart that the azure firmament shares its ever fading glow with the untouched realms and the undefiled provinces. So, without further delay, step into the domain of unending grandeur and thrilling adventures with a customized holiday packages for Sikkim Gangtok from Nest Route.

How to reach?

Siliguri is the main juncture for reaching Sikkim. It is one of the major developing cities in North Bengal close to Sikkim. Siliguri is well connected with airways, railways and the road networks. Siliguri, in fact, is a transit base for the journey to hill stations and all the Northeastern states. Sikkim is well connected with road networks with other major sightseeing destinations lie Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, etc. Even though there is the option for daily passenger vehicles from Siliguri to Sikkim, Gangtok, and vice-versa traveling by those would be very erratic. So, we recommend you to obtain the customized Sikkim holiday package from Nest Route for a pleasant trip.

Perhaps you are ignorant about the customized holiday package for Sikkim. So, here we are revealing you the list of 17 things that is (must) included into the holiday packages for Sikkim Gangtok.

1.Designing Your Retreat:

Designing your retreat

Planning a holiday to an unknown place on your own would be quite erratic. So, explorers can let go off their worries of planning their trip individually.

2. Budget Maintenance:

Budget maintenance

Avail the benefits at best prices. Explorers need not worry about the budget for the best hotels and cars. Instead, enjoy a pleasant vacation at shoe-string budgets.

3. Booking Tickets:

Booking Tickets

Worried about the ticket reservation for train/air? Don’t fret!  Nest route have the provision for ticket bookings for all modes of transport.

4. Airport/ Railway Transfer:

 Airport/ Railway transfer

You don’t have to be troubled with a heavy laden bag pack and luggage all on your own. The Sikkim package includes the provision for Airport/ railway station transfers too. You don’t have to experience the rush.

5. Car Rentals:

Car rentals

Enjoy the provision of prompt car rental services. Once you arrive at Bagdogra airport/ NJP, the courteous cab driver will gladly greet you and help you to the cab. The availability of the wide range of cars and each one of them goes through a thorough inspection by their expert technical authorities. Provision of water bottles, snacks is ensured in both A/c and Non-A/c cars. All range of cars is efficient for a drive on the winding roads and rugged terrain of hills.

6. Hotel Bookings:

Hotel Bookings

Sikkim witnesses a huge inrush of tourist throughout the year. Hence, most of the hotels are pre-booked. Finding a good hotel on your own is next to impossible. Direct association with a Wide chain of hotels in Sikkim ensures you the best and hygienic accommodations for your pleasant halt.

7. The inclusion of Delicious Meals:

The inclusion of delicious meals

Apart from booking the best hotels, all three meals, tea, and snacks is included in the holiday package. You can order the delicious cuisines from the comforts of your accommodation.

8. 24*7 Room Services:

24*7 Room services:

Enjoy the best services 24*7. The courteous and professional staffs will never leave you deprived of any facilities. You can feel like a home away from your home.

9.  Sightseeing Trips:

Holiday doesn’t mean spending your days in the comforts of the four walls in some far away hotels. For the life enhancing experience and to present you the breathtaking panorama, sightseeing tour will be arranged for you.

10. Adventure Activities:

Adventure Activities

Revive the explorer! Retrieve the enthusiast and an adventurer for you by going out of the comforts of the luxuries. Sikkim is the realm of undefiled grandeur and delight for the adventure seekers. Trek amid the rhododendron forests, set your camp amid the wild flowers and lush meadows. Witness the cloud camouflage the entire province from the highest peaks. Defeat the highest trekking trails. Sweat! Purge out your negative vibes and embrace the best of all.

11. Pilgrimage Trip:

Pilgrimage trip

This is for the people who are on a quest for peace. Break free from the yoke of the restlessness. Spend your precious time in the tranquil monasteries. The Buddhist hymns echoing from the every corner at Samdruptse will surely soothe your agitated mind and soul. A silent prayer will never go unheard at Dubdi Monastery at Yuksom.  A silent wish made at the most sacred and legendary Khecheopalri Lake at Yuksom will surely get fulfilled in due time. Keep patience!

12. Wildlife Expedition:

Wildlife expedition

Sikkim is the paradise for the wildlife enthusiasts. Ensure to visit Kanchenjunga National Park which is recently declared as the new UNESCO World Heritage Site. Have a glimpse of the exotic animals and the breathtaking view of the magnificent Kanchenjunga. The park has religious significance too.

13. Village Tours:

Village tours

Get an insight into the life of the locals. We, at Nest Route, have a provision for the homestays in Sikkim. So, ditch the hectic city life and the sophistications that you’ve created. Ditch the professional services of the hotels. Rather have a surreal experience among the tranquility and transparency of the hill people. Wake up to the call of a rooster. Let the sun rays kiss your cheeks as you anticipate a new dawn. Savor the delicious meals prepared from the organic fields, and cooked in cinders with wood. Listen to the rustling streams and the song of the rare birds instead of irksome noises of the cities. Experience the freedom and the rustics with the world’s oldest tribes.

14. Caving Expeditions:

Caving expeditions

We facilitate the provision of Caving in the greatly sacred caves of Sikkim. Those four Caves are sacred for the Buddhists. Since legends are associated with all of them, its recommended for you to visit, at least once in a life time.

15. Hang Gliding:

Hang gliding

Experience the ultimate adventure of flying free without any hindrance with Hang gliding in Sikkim. Those who are on a quest for an element of adrenaline rush! Yield up to the call!

16. A Trip to International Border:

A trip to international border

Wouldn’t it be great to witness the pristine province decked in snow? Nathu La region, the historic Silk route and the international border between India and China is a paradisiacal province. So, ride on the highest motorable roads in the world. Get mesmerized with the mysterious and luminous lakes amid the lofty mountains. Watch the alluring Chumbi Valley of Tibet on a clear day. Make a transaction at the world’s highest altitude ATM. Click pictures of the world’s highest golf course at Kupup. Experience the most thrilling drive of your life at 32 hairpin turns at Zuluk.

17. Winter Treks:

Winter Treks

Falling under the roof of the adventure tasks, winter treks is one of the most sought after adventures after white water rafting, hang gliding, parasailing and others (which is provided at Nest Route). The fascinating trekking trails that include are, Tholung Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Goecha La Trek, Singalila Trek, Dzongri Trek, and Sandakphu Trek.

Besides mentioned above things, provision of all the travel related facilities are ensured. We ensure your safety while you travel with us. We are proactive 24*7.

Have a pleasant exploration.



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