Come explore some of the best homestays in Darjeeling with Nest Route

When you think about escaping into the wilderness away from the humdrum of regular life, you think about Darjeeling. The cool, lulling weather that blankets the region year-round & the smell of the freshly nipped tea leaves lingering in the air. This place never fails to mesmerize. You can pay this preeminent destination a visit, and choose to stay in a vast selection of hotels and homestays at Darjeeling, including the ones that hug a colonial feel to it. But if you want your Darjeeling trip to be flavored with a snug, homespun feeling where you get an opportunity to break bread & mingle with the locals, then have a look at Nest Route’s exclusive range of cut-to-class homestays near Darjeeling that are designed to deliver the experience that is bound to make your trip a memorable one.

Why are Nest Route’s homestays in and near Darjeeling worth the buzz

If you prefer to be camped beyond the main towns that tend to get crowded during the touring seasons, crashing on an idyllic homestay at Darjeeling will be perfect for you. Aesthetic cottages nestled away from the busy hubbubs of the town; homestays provide you with a rare opportunity to stay with the locals of Darjeeling in their own residence, with a room separately assigned to you. Known to be extremely hospitable & friendly in demeanor, the hosts see to each of your needs with smiling faces. Enjoying the art of cooking homemade local Nepali dishes like gundruk, kinima, meat dishes with assorted vegetables, momo & thukpa and eat them by the bonfire with the hosts. Only homestays cater to you, a rustic, homely environment away from home.

Facilities in the homestays near the town of Darjeeling

When it comes to the availability of amenities in a homestay, Darjeeling is fairly advanced. The homestays have cozy, well-heated rooms that are regularly maintained. The bathrooms are attached to the rooms & have an uninterrupted water supply. The visitors are given access to free internet services. Rooms are furnished with televisions attached to the cable & in-house telephone services are available too. Room service & complimentary breakfast is provided to the visitors. They are given free access to the kitchen as well. Some exclusive homestays at Darjeeling even sport barbecue shacks & offer you various adventure activities around the neighborhood. You even get access to the doctors in case of emergencies & they help you with vehicle bookings to the airport/station during your leave.

Browse through Nest Route’s choicest homestays at Darjeeling

Nest Route is in collaboration with such stellar homestays in and near Darjeeling since times immemorial. Nest Route’s expansive network of connections with premium homestays at Darjeeling in all its entirety helps you secure the finest homestays to your liking throughout the year without fail. To give you an unmatchable experience, we have scoured through innumerable service providers and presented you with our premium list. It covers the best homestays through the entire district of Darjeeling.

Homestays in and Near Darjeeling Location Price
Kanchenjunga View Homestay Lamhatta 2800/N
Rangbhang Homestay Mirik Busty 1300/N
Rai Resort Tinchulay 3200/N
Kanchankanya Homestay Lepchajagat 800/N
Lamhatta Druk Homestay Lamhatta 2200/N
Chhetri Homestay 3rd Mile, Pehsok Road 1500/N
Yankee Inn 6th Mile, Peshok Road 2500/N
Mahendra Homestay Makai Bari 1500/N
Sying Tho Pheri Nimbong 2400/N
Valley View Homestay Chuikhim 1000/N
Holumba Haven 9th Mile, Kalimpong 1100/N