Homely feel in the hills, made possible with village homestays in Sikkim

Sikkim is the richest ecological hotspot that exists in India, with over 1025 species of exotic flora blooming in this small state alone. More than 650 variants of butterflies and 533 types of birds are present in Sikkim to boast of. It’s only possible to witness the rhododendrons, red pandas, orchids & gladiolas in their uncouth beauty by staying close to nature, detached from the hustling cities of Sikkim. Imagine living in a perfect place that inches you closer to the unrefined nature of Sikkim with the domestic comfort of home never leaving your side. That is exactly what village based homestays in Sikkim provide you with. And Nest Route helps you book one, with just a click of a button from the comfort of your own house.

Browsing through the Sikkim village homestays made systematic & easy

You can search for a perfect home with Nest Route that covers all your needs in shoe-string prices. Browse through premium cottages on the basis of location, price level, environment, number of rooms, internet availability, provision of extra-curricular activities, etc. Set your budget on the Nest Route Sikkim homestay price meter, ranging from INR 500 to 8000 rupees. Then get an in-depth information regarding each village homestay in Sikkim that shows up under your filtered search. Read along the facilities listed below each homestay Sikkim & go through hundreds of reviews left by visitors who stayed & loved the experience. Compare our best offered prices with other providers circulating the market & be satisfied with our service furthermore.

Thinking about homestaying in Sikkim? Think Nest Route

We have been extra careful with the compilation of a list of exquisite Sikkim village homestays to ensure that any homestay selected by our client is worth the talk.

• Pick from our exclusive range & avail facilities like provision of internet, televisions & computers within the booked premises. Spacious, well maintained rooms & en-suite bathrooms with 24 hour hot/cold water service.
• Room heaters & portable fans on request.
• Complimentary toiletries & breakfasts with room service.
• Availability of newspapers.
• Complete access to the host’s kitchen. Menu recommendations are encouraged. Instant preparation of local cuisines with fresh, fully organic edibles. Dine with the hosts & get to know them better.
• Arrangement of local Sikkim beer served in tongbas & barbecues with bonfires on request.
• Free car parking facilities with permissible entry of pets.
• Arrangement of various adventure activities & local tour guides all around the village homestays in Sikkim on request.
• Access to doctors & vehicles to the nearest airport/station upon departure.

Unbeatable Sikkim homestay prices with Nest Route

Nest Route helps you score the cheapest deals with Sikkim homestays compared to any other touring agency. Inhabit a quiet house perched away from the crowd and enjoy cozy rooms with homemade, fresh organic meals straight from the host’s kitchen in reasonable prices ranging from INR 800 - 8000 based on the star ratings provided to the Sikkim village homestays.